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Public institution-Institute “KOMANSKI MOST” – PODGORICA



 Public institution-Institute “Komanski Most” began with its work in 1976, as an institution for children and youth with moderate, difficult and severe disabilities in intellectual development.

Gradually, number of children accommodated in the Institute decreased, resulting in transformation of the Institute into a care giving institution for adults with serious restrictions in social functioning due to mental difficulties or other combined interferences in development.

According to the Decision on establishment of public institution for accommodation of persons with special needs from February the 2nd2006, Public institution-Institute “Komanski Most”  was organized as public institution for accommodation of persons with mental disabilities.

Every year November 12 is celebrated as the Day of the Institute.

According to the activities set in the Law on social and children protection and according to the Decision on establishment of public institution for accommodation of persons with special needs, the work of the Institute includes: accommodation, upbringing, education, working-occupational engagement and health protection.

During summer time, certain number of beneficiaries is accommodated with families living in the mountain area, in agreement with the guardianship body.

Beneficiaries are being provided summer and winter vacation in duration of seven days in Public Institution”Becici-Lovcen”.

Occasionally, the Institute organizes visits to the town events and certain manifestations.

Public institution-Institute “Komanski most” cooperates with parents or with guardians of the beneficiaries, guardianship bodies and other institutions of social and children protection. Parents and relatives of beneficiaries have right to participate in every activity related to the beneficiary that are being performed at the Institute.

The Institute is an institution ready for cooperation with all international and other bodies, organizations and associations that may give their contribution for faster and efficient implementation of program activities, corresponding with Institute’s ultimate goal which is protection of interest of persons with disabilities and providing conditions for their complete and active participation in every field of social life, on equal basis.

Feel free to visit us. We hope that time spent at the Institute “Komanski most” will be a pleasant experience for you.









Vaselj Dušaj, director